The Next Chapter: Announcing Simple Habit’s $10 Million Series A Round

Our vision, as we embark on the next step of our journey, is to be the destination people trust for their mental well-being.


Trusting Your Gut

The following blog post was written by Simple Habit teacher Kelly Boys and covers advanced topics of intuition, meditative inquiry, and alignment. You can listen to Kelly’s meditations on Simple Habit here and read more in her new book The Blind Spot Effect.  Trusting your gut isn’t easy. Especially when what it might be saying flies … Continue reading Trusting Your Gut

Hitting a Wall: Finding Motivation to Meditate

Creating and sustaining a mindfulness routine is not easy. Just like creating any habit, it takes time, patience, and repetition. Plus, with our 24/7 lifestyles, we are constantly distracted, on the go, and thinking several steps ahead in our future schedules. This makes mindfulness even harder to integrate and so, many of us can easily … Continue reading Hitting a Wall: Finding Motivation to Meditate

Mental Health Journeys: A Moment of Peace

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Simple Habit is showcasing people’s experiences with various mental health conditions. These stories are meant to foster open conversations about mental health, its fragility and ever importance. We want to stress that everyone’s experience is different and these stories only highlight one of many.  -- Sam Kearney grew … Continue reading Mental Health Journeys: A Moment of Peace