You Only Get One Mind, We’re Here To Make It Count

May is Mental Health Month, an initiative that hits home when it comes to the core work we do at Simple Habit every day. One in 5 Americans is affected by mental health conditions each year (1). Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression (2). At Simple Habit, we are committed to empowering every human in his or her journey to emotional and psychological well-being. Ultimately, we believe short, daily meditations can help humans across the world to reduce stress and cultivate healthy relationships between the mind and body.

In support of Mental Health Month, we’re excited to unlock new content and features to promote mental health and support the care of mental health conditions. Take a look.

Meditation Of The Day 

We’re debuting a new feature that will unlock one premium meditation every day. Meditation of The Day makes it easier for you to explore new teachers and different meditation topics. Take the guessing and searching out of your daily meditation routine with this new, simple feature. This month, the focus will be on meditations that address various mental health topics. Come back daily to find something new.


A Healthy Mind Playlist

We’re unlocking premium meditations for all of our users in the NEW A Healthy Mind playlist. In this playlist, you can find meditations dedicated to PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety, plus more. Enjoy guided meditations by world-renowned experts – Licensed Psychologists, Therapists and United Nations Foundation consultants – who work in the field every day to help individuals such as women in prisons, cancer survivors, veterans, and those with substance abuse and addictions.




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