6 Meditations for a New Start This Spring

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for a clean slate. Organize your house, call your parents, re-connect with old friends, make new ones, get outside for some exercise, and take some time for you. Winter is officially over, the sun and spring are here.

Why not take this opportunity to make sure you’re focusing on yourself? Take a deep breath of that new spring air, angle your face to the sun and listen to these meditations – perfect for spring.

1) Let Simon Moyes walk you through a 31-Day Fresh Start to shake off the lingering winter blues and commit to a daily meditation practice for this new season.

31-day Fresh Start
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2) Instead of worrying about attaining that perfect summer bod, why not have Catherine Cook-Cottone help you with some Body Positivity? Learn resilience, stay connected and understand your own abilities to love the skin you’re in.

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3) Take some time with John Prendergast to Let Love Grow in your life and learn to be more open-hearted this spring.

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4) Spring is a great time to start some passion projects! Sean M. Kelly is here to help you Manifest Your Dreams, connect to your intuition and follow the guidance of your soul.

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5) With the snow almost gone and the days getting warmer, it’s time to get outside! Sakyong Mipham will help you be more present on your next jog with a Mindful Running meditation.

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6) Take 31 days to truly appreciate all that you have and can do. Start Your Day With Gratitude and let Cory Muscara teach you how to transform ordinary days into extraordinary ones.

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Go out and conquer spring – we’ll be here for you every step of the way.



Want to suggest a meditation for us to add? Let us know: feedback@simplehabit.com. 



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