Simple Habit Humans: Getting Back to Me

While I’m far from perfect, I can now remove myself, take a moment and calm down.

Simple Habit is committed to listening to women and their needs. For International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting the strong women who use our product and who were kind enough to share their stories.

Courtney is a 31-year-old female chef who has been going through some major life changes and felt like the weight of the world was pressing down on her. She uses Simple Habit to take a moment for herself, regain control, and get back to the person she wants to be. In the face of overwhelming personal affliction, Courtney inspires us to remember that making time to take care of ourselves is a strength in itself. We hope her story inspires you to do the same.

My job is extremely physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. On top of working long, busy hours, I am also the primary caregiver for my mother who suffers from MS. Her disease has caused a rapid deterioration of both her mind and body, which led to her having to be placed into a full-time care facility. Watching her decline and fade from what I remember into a vegetative state has been a challenge. Yet, I always do my best to greet her with a smile and hide my feelings to spare her.

To add to this, since last April, my family has endured a string of negative medical and health problems. My uncle was brutally murdered; my brothers’ father passed away suddenly; another uncle passed from kidney failure, and my brother was in a car accident. On top of all of this, I also confronted my own medical issues this year. Despite all of this, I forced myself to stay strong, because I felt I had to be. Yet, as the problems continued to build up, so did my emotions. I started getting angrier – always simmering and quick to lash out at coworkers, my roommate, and anyone around me. I was having trouble sleeping. When I would try to sleep, I got anxiety attacks. When I finally got to sleep, it was filled with nightmares. This lack of sleep and constant stress led to an infection.



Everything finally came to a head one day, and I had a breakdown. I realized I was losing who I was and becoming a person that I didn’t recognize or even like. Gone were my laughs and easy smiles; I started cringing from physical contact – the hugs I was always so eager to dole out became few and far between.

Finally, a friend reached out, and I told her what was going on. After listening to me vent and cry, she told me I needed to do something for myself. She recommended Simple Habit to me, and told me that the meditations were so varied that I would be able to find meditations to help me with whatever I was feeling.

I’ve always had an insanely over-active and creative imagination, and have never felt like I could dial it down. Although I was extremely skeptical, I took her advice. Within the first few days, I was sleeping better and waking up more refreshed. While my problems didn’t go away, I felt more confident in my ability to take it one day at a time. I started to focus on the things I knew were under my control, instead of focusing on those that weren’t. It’s taking time, but I’m finding myself again. My daily meditations have been a huge step in helping with that. I’m now calmer, I’m sleeping better, it’s easier for me to focus, and I’m able to take a step back in situations instead of automatically responding with aggression and anger. I’ve found in the last few weeks that I’m more apt to let go of the little things I can’t control and focus more on other aspects of my life. I’m not yet to my normal self, but I find myself joking around, having fun and being more affectionate with friends and coworkers again.

FB_IMG_1520263074086 (1)

Additionally, as a female in a male-dominated field, my coworkers don’t see or feel things the way I do. Since we share these different perspectives on what is appropriate, it was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. I also realized that some of the issues I was having were being worsened by medical issues. Since I started the meditations, I’ve been able to focus on myself, take a step back and evaluate what I’m feeling or experiencing from all sides and why I felt the way that I did. While I’m far from perfect, I can now remove myself, take a moment and calm down. This has helped me and my relationships greatly.

I owe my friend a lot for her help, and I’m also grateful to everyone that is a part of Simple Habit. The guidance and the varied, specialized meditations have helped me so much. It gives me something to look forward to and provides the tools I need to help myself. Overall I feel more positive and empowered, so thank you for creating this app, and for all that you do.

Thanks for sharing your amazing story, Courtney – we are so inspired by your resilience and commitment. We are so humbled to be part of your journey!



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