Simple Habit Humans: A Family Effort

Simple Habit gives me the time that I need for myself to calm my anxiety, reduce stress, give me better sleep or help me start the day.

Simple Habit is committed to listening to women and their needs. For International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting strong women who use our product and who were kind enough to share their stories.

Lianne is a mom who struggles with anxiety and works every day to do what is best for her son. She uses meditation to not only help ease the difficulties associated with anxiety, but also does it with her son to help him with side effects of his ADHD. Together, they’re both working on remaining calm in difficult situations and letting go of the tension of the day. In the face of everyday difficulties, Lianne inspires us to stay connected with loved ones and continue pushing forward for them. We hope her story inspires you to do the same.

I’d always heard about meditation, but never really took it seriously. I felt “the meditation life” wasn’t for me as it wouldn’t benefit me in any way but life is a rollercoaster and you have your ups and downs. I happened to experience a pretty rough down in my life. After a recent hardship, my mild anxiety became severe. I knew it was affecting my life and I needed to do something about it. I did some research on coping with anxiety and meditation was suggested.

I started researching meditation where I came across suggestions that included the Simple Habit app. I read the great reviews and decided to give it a try by starting with the Calm Anxiety and Simple Habit Starter. I fell in love immediately. I made sure to set a reminder for every day so I could start each day with ease. I later incorporated all the sleep meditations for when I went to bed. I haven’t had a hard time falling asleep since.

Additionally, last year my 9-year-old son was experiencing emotional meltdowns and awful, uncontrolled behavior, eventually leading to an ADHD diagnosis. I tried alternatives to medication, but unfortunately, nothing was working. My husband and I decided to put him on a low dosage medication, which has helped tremendously. He no longer struggles and is thriving.


However, as with most things in life, when there is good, there is also some bad. After my son started taking this medication, he developed intense tics and irritability in the evening, which made it hard for him to sleep.

One day, we were in the car and he started having a bad episode where he was bending his fingers back to the point of almost breaking them. These are usually brought on by anxiety, high excitement or anticipation. In that moment, I asked him to try something for me. I put on the Calm Anxiety meditation in the car speakers and told him to let go of everything that’s on his mind and completely immerse himself in what it was saying. He did it and it worked! It calmed him for the rest of the day and it eased him out of whatever anxiety he was feeling. He loved it and even asked if he could have his own for when he has his tics.

Now, my son and I meditate daily. And the benefits continue to show up in so many areas of our life. With the help of meditation, my son’s golfing has become better. He’s more relaxed and doesn’t tense up during competitions. On the way to an event, we used On-The-Go to listen to the Big Event-Feeling Nervous meditation. It was perfect for keeping him calm and, as a result, he was able to place 4th in the entire tournament!


We also use the sleep meditation at night when we have a hard time sleeping. Sometimes my son doesn’t even need to use it. He just remembers what he was told about breathing and feeling his body release the tension of the day.

Additionally, meditation has given me the opportunity to reconnect with myself and take control of my life. I think, as a woman, a wife and a mother, we tend to forget about our own self-care. Meditation is a great tool to use when we want to reset and keep ourselves mentally healthy. With so much going on in the world, and in our lives, we tend to forget to focus on ourselves. Simple Habit gives me the time that I need for myself to calm my anxiety, reduce stress, give me better sleep or help me start the day. I feel I can be the woman I want to be with the help and guidance from Simple Habit meditations.

At first, I was skeptical, but now I believe meditation has improved both mine and my son’s lives. Without the techniques taught to us in our meditation practice, we would still be struggling with sleep and losing ourselves in our own minds. Yes, my anxiety remains a severe and constant struggle, but with help from my therapist and meditation, I know I can live a better life.

Thanks for sharing your amazing story, Lianne – we are so inspired by your dedication and kindness. We are so humbled to be part of your and your son’s journey!



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