The Ultimate Gift: A Self-Care Kit

Gym memberships and fitness apps have made their way into our daily routines. Yet, many of us haven’t quite figured out how to care for our emotions and our minds the way we do our bodies.

Self-care encompasses mental, emotional, and physical health. It is the collection of actions we take to feel our best inside and out. An effective self-care regime requires us to tune in and sit with what is toxic or discomforting.

Learning how to take care of ourselves in all of these areas can be hard, and finding time to do it can be even harder. This holiday season, help loved ones prioritize total wellbeing. Create a DIY Self-Care Kit filled with items to promote healthy habits for the mind, body, and soul.

DIY Self-Care Kit

Journal – Writing down feelings and observations can help us get into the habit of being present and aware. A thought diary encourages us to tune into our thoughts to better understand what is causing us pain or suffering in our lives. Unplug Journal | $14.95

Essential Oils – Essential Oils can be a natural solution for stress and sleep. dōTERRA offers a variety of roll-on oils to make it easy to bring them with you to release tension and relax no matter where life takes you. dōTERRA Lavender Touch | $18.33

Meditation – Meditation offers us tools and techniques we can use in our daily lives to reduce stress, improve emotional regulation and manage anxiety. An app makes it easy to get started and cultivate a strong practice. Simple Habit Premium Membership | $19.99-99.99


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