Meditations for Sleep

Healthy adults need around 7 hours of sleep a night in order to focus and be productive during their daily lives. A lack of sleep can affect your physical health and could lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Lack of sleep can also affect one’s attention span and decrease mental clarity.

The benefits of sleep are endless. In our 24/7 lives, it’s vital that we give our bodies a chance to rest and recuperate each night instead of relying on caffeine and adrenaline. A proper night’s rest can boost your immunity to illness, increase creativity, and even help you to live longer.

Falling asleep can be hard sometimes. You can often find yourself tossing and turning for hours, with your to-do lists and worries running through your mind constantly. A great way to get your body to relax is through meditating before bed.


Simple Habit’s sleep meditations are curated by trained mindfulness instructors that we’ve vetted from top training programs like Google’s Search Inside Yourself or the iRest Institute, which with their own researched methods for relaxation and sleep.

We have some teachers who focus on breathing patterns and controlling the inhalations and exhalations to calm the mind and nervous system. Others focus on bringing awareness to different parts of the body through body scans. We offer a diversity of techniques so that users can find a method that works best for them.

One of the biggest reasons why meditation correlates strongly with sleep is that clearing and calming the mind allows people to let go of their thoughts and relax before bed. Those who struggle with insomnia often are often kept awake at night by extreme stress and/or a racing mind.

Listening to a meditation and following the guided techniques of controlled breathing can help to create this release from stressful thoughts and relax the entire body.

Deep Sleep 1 is our most popular meditation series with over 300,000 listens, providing a holistic overview of breathing techniques and tools to relax and let go.


Our 30 minute Insomnia meditation is perfect for those restless nights of tossing and turning.


After a long day, relax with our 10 minute Drift to Sleep meditation.


Listen to our 7-day Peaceful Evening series to unwind and relax for a restful sleep.


Our Can’t Sleep meditation is for those nights where you can’t stop over-thinking. Learn to find mental clarity and drift to sleep.



Share your journey and milestones with us, we care: 


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