The Team Beyond The Tank

So, who are the people behind Simple Habit?

I look up from my laptop and see our small team nestled around a long table, noses deep into work that spans engineering, product, customer care, design and communications. Everyone is focused. I hear fingers typing quickly and am reminded that when it comes to our Simple Habit team, there is never a lack of hustle.

When I began Simple Habit, most of our team members joined out of part-time passion (including myself). These ten- or fifteen-hour side gigs swiftly grew into full-time, highly critical roles that have since put our app on the map. Our company is one year young but certain qualities about our team and the essence of Simple Habit are strikingly clear…

We Are Risk Takers

I dropped out of Stanford to build Simple Habit. A decision I made in one day. But I’m not the only person at Simple Habit who took a risk. Several team members have moved across the country, or from other countries all-together, out of a strong desire to be a part of this dream. Our team has demonstrated no shortage of personal or professional risk to bring this vision to life.

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We Are Mission Driven

The desire to build a meaningful, impactful platform is universal at Simple Habit. We are invested in our mission, and this means our team collectively works together day after day to build the top meditation platform. Amit, Product Manager, spends hours each week speaking directly to users to better understand how we can make our product resonate better with individuals’ daily demands and needs. Dori, Customer Care, receives countless user stories – from individuals coping with cancer, depression, work stress, family feuds, and beyond – who tell us how Simple Habit has helped them reduce stress and discover greater happiness. We love sharing these stories internally as inspiration to continuously create the most exceptional meditation and mindfulness resource.


We Strive To Outperform

Our team collectively channels a growth mindset. We work hard, we make mistakes often, we solve problems quickly, and we always strive to produce work that makes us proud. There is a desire to continuously raise the bar for ourselves, but also for the players in our space. We were averaging a weekly release of our iOS app. We built our Android app in about three weeks, something that surprised most developers we interviewed. We have scaled, all while building a strong reputation, with an incredibly nimble team. We are ranked #1 in the Apple app store for “meditation” and are run by a team of ten.

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We Care

At Simple Habit, we set a precedent to care about ourselves, our colleagues and the people we serve. Kindness and humility live at our core. I am proud to see this team grow and bond through these values in an earnest fashion. If someone is having a tough day, there is always someone else who is quick to reach out and lend a hand or ear. We start every day with a team meditation, and we begin every company meeting with ‘A Minute of Gratitude.’ This exercise always sets a positive, can-do tone for the meeting and helps reset mindsets for the day.


So, if we were in one of those meetings right now, I would say I am grateful to be surrounded by this pack of passionate, humble, hard-working hustlers. Thanks to you all for taking risks, dreaming big, delivering bigger and caring always.

With gratitude,


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4 thoughts on “The Team Beyond The Tank

  1. Honestly I watched the episode tonite and those guys on the Shark Tank were seriously unprofessional and I would not want to invest with them. You did the right thing by walking away. I hope that you find the right investor that will market this app and bring you to the level you are supposed to . Thank you for trying to improve peoples lives even if it is one app at a time. God Bless and Take care. V/R Elizabeth

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