User Stories: Meditation as Self-Care

Erica Person is a human resources professional for a successful hospitality/technology company in San Francisco. She discovered Simple Habit in early 2017 and has since made guided meditation a part of her daily routine as a form of self-care. In addition to learning about and practicing holistic health and wellness, Erica enjoys cooking and baking, staying active, exploring new cities and places through travel and spending quality time with friends and family.

What made you interested in meditation?

In today’s complex and fast-moving world, and as a member of the tech community in the Bay Area, it can be challenging to prioritize self-care and live a balanced life. Adding a mindfulness/meditation practice to my daily routine has been immensely helpful to feel more centered and contribute toward my health.

Were there times where it was hard to meditate daily? If so, how did you find the time and motivation to continue?

Absolutely! It’s crazy how finding 5 minutes to meditate can seem challenging during a busy day. One thing I learned about habit formation is to start small, and to build the habit one step at a time. For example, sometimes I carve out just 1 to 2 minutes of deep breathing exercises before I go to bed as small way to reap the benefits.

Incorporating a daily meditation practice has supported me with decreasing stress, improving focus and mood, and finding space for creativity.

Do you wish that you found meditation earlier on in life?

Yes, I think meditation can have a profound impact at any stage in life. I know there are parents who are introducing meditation to their children as a way to instil a sense of calm and mental strength from any early age.


What are your favourite meditations on Simple Habit?

I love the “On the Go” meditations by Kate James as well as the various meditation series and podcasts by Cory Muscara. My husband and I also recently discovered the guided meditations for couples, which we enjoy! It’s a unique way to bond and strengthen our connection.

 What impacts of meditation have you seen on your daily life?

While it’s no silver bullet, incorporating a daily meditation practice has supported me with decreasing stress, improving focus and mood, and finding space for creativity.

Being from the tech industry, how do you see meditation helping your colleagues and peers?

Being a member of the tech/startup industry has it’s upsides and can also be challenging and stressful. Many organizations, like mine, are coming up with creative ways to support their employees’ well-being as it has a direct correlation to employee engagement, productivity and retention. We have guided meditation and yoga sessions offered on a regular basis which employees find valuable. My team often starts our weekly meetings with a couple of minutes of silence/meditation to instil a sense of calm.

Any advice for those who are skeptical of meditating?

Approach the practice with patience and an open mind and heart. Don’t be hard on yourself if the benefits aren’t immediately noticeable. As the saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”

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