Back to School: Meditation for Students

It’s that time of year where it seems like there is no end to the tests, midterms, assignments and essays due. The deadlines keep coming and going and you find yourself to be constantly stressed and overwhelmed.

Luckily, there’s a way to improve your grades, productivity, and relationships. Research has proven that meditation can decrease academic stress, lower levels of anxiety and depression, and increase confidence in class room settings. A daily practice promotes stronger relationships through compassion and helps students to focus for longer periods of time.

Meditation can be daunting at first and you might say “I don’t have the time” or “I just can’t sit still.” Because of the busy school weeks filled classes and assignments, it’s difficult to take time out of your day to sit and meditate.


Simple Habit is an app that provides 5-minute meditations for your busy schedules. There are meditations specifically designed for situations during school such as pre-exam stress, improving focus, and more.

Simple Habit for Students.jpg

For those long nights of cramming for exams or finishing up essays and tests, listen to a Study Break Boost to improve your mood and energy levels.

During those days of back-to-back lectures, labs, and tutorials, check out the Recharge Before Class meditation to settle your head and become ready for the next lecture.

Final exams are a recipe for stress. Before an Exam is the perfect meditation to cultivate calm and release any unnecessary attention right before your exam. You’ll do great.

Grades shouldn’t be the defining factor of your education – it’s just a number after all. To remind yourself to learn for the sake of learning, listen to the Worry Less about Grades meditation.

Check out other Simple Habit meditations by downloading the app for free today.


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