Through the Decades: Building a Lifelong Relationship

Simple Habit Users discuss their long relationships with meditation and what they have learned along the way:

Submitted by Hakon, a Simple Habit user:

When I meditate, I am present.

More than a decade ago, I started the journey of meditation. I am not sure when it started, but it was in the search of finding quiet. However, it was only four years ago  when I realized a transformation or breakthrough, in terms of change within, had happened. In the search of presence through meditation practice, it was when words such as mindfulness, oneness, stillness and consciousness were defined for me that I realized the shift within. For me, it was getting the abstract defined that really opened my eyes and spiritual self.

When I meditate, I am whole.

In my meditation practice, I use different techniques and times ranging from five, ten and up to twenty minutes per meditation, twice a day. My mornings are often hectic, so Simple Habit app came as a true blessing for me when commuting and walking to meetings. I also always end my regular evening walks with a Simple Habit meditation. Besides that, I use other meditation apps, my own developed technique and just breathing meditation with or without a mantra. Hum is a great mantra when only want to focus on finding inner calm. A good tip is also to use the «Just Meditate» sessions like the Ocean or Rain sessions.

When I meditate, I am me.

Tao said something about you have to learn to stand still in order to travel. I find that sentence meaningful.



Submitted by Kimberly, a Simple Habit user: 

I have known about meditation for 30 years and have studied under various people. However when it came to integrating it into daily life on my own, I was never quite able to do it. I was always too rushed, too busy with work, or had too many chores to get done. Meditation always got prioritized to the bottom of the list. By the end of the day, I just didn’t get around to it. Then came Simple Habit.

Simple Habit made it easy for me to incorporate meditation into my life. The five minute sessions are so easy to fit in. I can even take a walk and make it a moving meditation! This was so different from the classes where it was recommended to meditate for 20 minutes to an hour at a time. I know that’s good to do, but it set the bar too high for me.

With Simple Habit, it doesn’t ask too much, just what I feel I have time for. This way meditation isn’t another “have to” in my day. Instead it has become little breaks that I really look forward to. I found that with the small increments, I have more time than I think. And the best part is that I am experiencing benefits already!

When life is busy, Simple Habit is a great way to cultivate a bit of serenity and a feeling of wellbeing.

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