Taking Control through Meditation

Submitted by Prasanthan Nagan, a Simple Habit user: 

I meditate so I can remain in control.

“I found Simple Habit in a time in my life when a lot of things started to converge on each other and I felt quite helpless. The impending stress of graduating soon, having to get a job and other elements in this quarter-life crisis were really starting to get at me.

As a tech lover, I’m constantly testing out apps – so Simple Habit was in a rotation of multiple meditation/mindfulness apps I was using at the time. Ultimately, it became the only one I used and a major part of my daily routine because of the great effects it has had on my life.

Meditation has helped me become a much more delicate, understanding and respectful person through the improvements in emotional intelligence I’ve managed to make.

The great thing about Simple Habit is the “meditation for every occasion” setup it has which has had my back in a number of occasions. From being on a train, before an exam or feeling especially depressed I was able to partake in tailored meditation sessions that put me in a positive light once I was done.

To sum things up, meditation has helped me reclaim control of my life and given me the mental strength to make the right decisions in my life.”


Submitted by Rhea Lubich, a Simple Habit User:

“My journey to Simple Habit and meditation started a few years ago. Lots of stuff was happening in my life and I felt out of control. Meditation was a quiet moment in my chaotic life.

The apps and other Internet meditation series demanded so much time and energy. I did not have 15-30 minutes a day, nor did I want to be reminded that I should do it twice a day. I was looking for help to focus and they were too pushy for my limited ability to focus.

Meditation was a quiet moment in my chaotic life.

I was looking everywhere to get control and just at the right time, Simple Habit’s App appeared on my iTunes page. That was over 30 days ago and I am still a fan, I even look forward to the next session.

5 minutes is a perfect amount of time to start. The topics covered are perfect. The Simple Habit Starter is a great way to get into it.

From there I moved to Reduce Stress, Deep Sleep and Sharpen Focus. Each series taught me a technique or two I can pull out during the day as needed. Cory Muscara presented my favorite technique which is the counting exercise and I have pulled it out a variety of times.

When I feel unfocused, when I can’t get to sleep, and when I feel frustrated or impatient, are just a few times it has helped me get a handle on myself. There are more series for me to explore and I am looking forward to more quiet time.”

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