Finding Beauty in Simplicity

Submitted by Michael, a Simple Habit user. 

Meditation for me was foreign. I was so strung out and a mess that I felt I had no way of working with the anxiety that seemed to be eating my heart away. I’d gone to therapies and talk sessions for a couple years – it made it worse. My head felt so loud and there didn’t seem to be a way to quiet my brain from screaming at me.

“Stripping life to the necessities and being comfortable with less” 

I turned to music. Not playing. Just listening. I grew horrified at music today and the fakeness that has run rampant. I needed to go back to the basics – a time where things were quieter – more pure. I’d say that the 60’s and 70’s found me. In a time of social upheaval, much like today, music began to have character, and through lyrics and times of quieting myself, I began to find peace. The music helped, but I had no way to combat daily stresses, so I sought meditation. Then I found Simple Habit.

“Meditation gave me the chance to slow down my life, to contemplate, and to breathe.”

Immediately I loved the layout, and as a Graphic Design major it appealed to me. Simple. Everything to me seems to be more efficient and calming when it is simple. Stripping life to the necessities and being comfortable with less.


Through my daily use of the Simple Habit app, I found myself enjoying my surroundings, recognizing my breathing, finally calm. As an avid hiker and photographer, I make trips to the top of mountains (especially in Lake Tahoe) fairly frequently. For me, my greatest moments of peace are at the top of a mountain, knowing that the journey brings you to a place of serenity. I’d feel the wind against my face and the smell of pine would engulf my senses. Meditation gave me the chance to slow down my life, to contemplate, and to breathe.

Michael is 20 years old and currently a student at California Baptist University as a Graphic Design major. This semester, he has been studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland and traveling to many different locations over the last few months. Michael is an avid hiker, photographer, graphic designer, nature lover, and good vibe seeker. 

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