Living With Gratitude: Shifting Your Outlook in 5 Minutes a Day

Submitted by Laura, a Simple Habit user

I meditate so I can be present.


As we grow, we take on different attitudes and gratitudes throughout our lives. As a child and teenager, life was all about me. Everyone was paying attention to me. It was all focused on me. In my 20s, especially in college and in the years afterward, I spent time learning so much about myself and the world around me. I am paying attention to me. And I am paying attention to the world around me. I am such a different person than I was 10 years ago. And I will be a different person with more insight and experiences in 10 more years.


Coming into this shift from “me” to “us” has been a good one. This last year of my life, I have made a lot of changes – all positive, I think. I’ve been educating myself much more on the country and world around me (rather than just my immediate surroundings). I have taken a greater interest in the environment and those who are less fortunate than I am.

I have really begun to appreciate what I have been given in life. I have a great family who has stuck by me all this time. I was given opportunities to learn and grow that many others had to scrape by for themselves.

This year, I started doing yoga as a constant part of exercise and lifestyle. I downloaded Five Minute Journal, which I highly recommend for a mindset switch too. I began listening to podcasts (I know, I’m SO late to the game on that one). I listen to funny podcasts and informative ones. I listen to pass the time and I listen to learn. A few that I really love are TED Radio Hour, No Meat Athlete, and The One You Feed. I don’t remember which podcast was talking about it, but they were discussing meditation and mindfulness. The two guys in the podcast explained which apps they liked and how the act of meditation has transformed each of their lives. That’s when I did some research into apps that might fit into mine.

I poked around the App Store, and eventually went into the Health app on my phone. Simple Habit was one of the recommended applications for mindfulness, so I clicked to it and added it to my phone. I started using it the very next morning and vowed to myself to make it a habit (a Simple Habit heh heh).

The experience of taking five minutes every morning to start the day with mindfulness and stillness has changed my outlook for the whole day. I leave the house with a smile and purpose, rather than a rushed, frazzled mindset. You can set the Simple Habit app to remind you at a certain time, “it’s time to meditate”. I set mine to remind me at 6:30 AM, which is when my alarm goes off in the morning for work. Each day that I click through the options and select a meditation, I am able to take five or 10 minutes for myself without the rushed-ness of the morning before work. I am able to center my thoughts and feelings.

I always thought that meditation was for monks and hippies. For people on the fringes. Boy was I wrong. Meditation is for everybody.

Stressed? Meditate. Feeling down? Meditate. Happy? Meditate. Experiencing PMS? There’s even a meditation for that (ha)! I didn’t understand the ways that purposeful mindfulness could change my outlook and mindset. I’m grateful I tried the application, and I’m so happy I’ve begun starting my days with purpose and positivity.

Laura is a Marketing Associate living in Saratoga, CA. She loves yoga, indulgent desserts, cooking healthy vegan food, drinking wine, and spending time with her loved ones. 

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3 thoughts on “Living With Gratitude: Shifting Your Outlook in 5 Minutes a Day

  1. I love hearing these stories! Thank you for the suggestions made in your story. I never listened to blogs before, but now I will. I’m only 33 y/o, but I guess I’m behind on technology, too!
    When I saw there was a PMS meditation, that made me laugh too. But what’s so awesome is that so much of that meditation can be applied to people that don’t even suffer from PMS. I listen to meditations that don’t apply to me at all, because I’ve found that there are still lessons to be learned from every single one of them. I may not be a lawyer, but I listened to the meditation for lawyers and still learned a heck of a lot from it!

    I can’t wait to share my own story- it’s a good one!

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    1. Thank you for the positive comments! I totally agree about all the meditations. I’ve been listening to the podcast episodes too, and they range all over the place but are always helpful!


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