A Designer’s Perspective: Meditating to Create Balance

Submitted by Kristen, a Simple Habit User

“I meditate so I can focus, find, and create.”

I recently ran into a situation where I was not content with my work life. In fact, some parts of it were toxic to my well being and productivity, so I started to actively look for new work opportunities. I was familiar with meditation and had tried to form a meaningful practice before with little success. Part of the reason was that I was constantly busy and sadly found that 10 – 15 minutes every weekday was more of a commitment than I thought my schedule would allow.

I read about Simple Habit somewhere and found the 5 minute idea fascinating, and so started doing a quick morning meditation every day before the office really started buzzing. As my progress grew, I began adding in quick sessions throughout the day to try to reset after a tough meeting or interaction. On top of this, I began to use the app as a way to quickly get into a great headspace before an interview.


I’m a designer by trade, and having balance in my life is critical. As designers, though, I think some of us forget to be as empathetic to ourselves as we are to the users that we design for in our professional lives. We work so hard to think through every implication of every choice that we make in designing spaces and interactions for other humans, but don’t always offer ourselves that same courtesy. I have found that meditation is a way for me to regroup by mentally creating space to focus on myself and non-work related things.

In short, I meditate so that I can be content with ‘my right’ now while I search for a new opportunity that I will love. I meditate so that I can create space in my life for balance, and in doing those things I am gradually building a purposeful and meaningful practice.

Kristen is a designer living in Santa Monica. 

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