3 Meditation Tips for Students

BACK TO SCHOOL, here we go! In the spirit of the season, Simple Habit’s releasing a new collection of 5-minute meditations for students, featuring tracks designed for studying, exams, interviews, and more.

If you haven’t meditated before, it’s a great time to start exploring. Studies show that meditation helps improve sleep and decrease anxiety, among a ton of other benefits.

Here’s our tips for students trying to fit mindfulness into busy campus life.


1. Start with just 5 minutes.

Keeping it short and sweet makes it easier to meditate on a daily basis. Everyone has a few minutes to spare, whether in the morning, right before lecture, or before bed. Listen to our walking meditation on the way to class. Take quick break from your Facebook newsfeed to meditate. It doesn’t have to feel like a huge commitment.

Don’t underestimate the power of a brief session either. Studies show that just one five-minute session of mindfulness meditation can improve attention and memory, with increasingly positive effects over time.


2. Explore meditating at different times of day.

While there’s lots of benefits to meditating at a similar time each day, it can be helpful to first experiment with what works best with your schedule. Given that student life can be spontaneous and unpredictable, start by approaching meditation with a flexible mindset.

Our new student collection features 5-minute meditations for a variety of situations, from before an interview to before an exam. Or maybe a morning meditation or lunch break boost works best for you. Exploring different options will help you decide when to incorporate meditation into your schedule in the longer run.


3. Set an intention for your meditation practice.

Reflecting on why you’ve decided to try meditation — whether it’s to reduce stress, sleep better, be happier, or anything else — can motivate you to keep doing it every day. Sometimes, it can be hard to set aside a few moments to meditate, so reconnecting with your intention or goal is an excellent way to keep your momentum going.

We just launched our #WhyIMeditate campaign on Instagram and Facebook, which features members of the Simple Habit community posting about how meditation has impacted their lives. Find inspiration in others and share your own #WhyIMeditate story 🙂

Try out Simple Habit for free and take advantage of our back to school offer. By signing up with a valid .edu email, students can get a free, 30-day VIP pass with code BACKTOSCHOOL, as well as 30% off any subscription should they choose to upgrade to premium content after the free month. If not, there’s still over 15 hours of free content available anytime.

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