Mindful is the New Sexy

Most people know that meditation can make you happier, more productive, and less stressed — among its many benefits. Mindfulness can help you chill out during your most stressful moments, but new research suggests that meditating might actually spice up your romantic life too.

In an experiment on romantic attraction during speed-dating, researchers at the University of Queensland found that mindfulness is a better predictor of romantic attraction than even physical attractiveness.

This makes sense. Picture your ideal partner: are they texting while during your conversation, zoning out at a television screen, or complaining about how so-and-so said this-and-that about them? Everyone’s different, so maybe. But probably not. More likely, they’re staring into your eyes, passionately talking about the things they love (i.e. you), and are completely immersed in the present moment.


Those in relationships will agree that meditation leads to better relationships, but whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town, or getting the butterflies before a first date, take five minutes to meditate with Simple Habit — you might get lucky.


You don’t need more makeup, you don’t need to hit the gym. Be confident and be yourself with our Before a Date meditation, or if things are already steamy, check out our Mindful Sex sessions.



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